About us


Background of Blox Hostel!

India can be a scary place. it’s new, chaotic, a different world of colors, identities, rituals, expectations. so being an outsider can be intimidating— what should you wear, how should you act, what are the proper prices for a rickshaw? a kurta? and then there’s the deeper stuff— is it appropriate to act this way? are there things I should be doing in this temple that I’m not doing?! When it came to starting Blox Hostels, we realized that there’s a lot a hostel can do to ease a travelers’ stress, teach them about the local culture, but also ensure that they can be theirself. So that’s what we did! Blox is your home, a place for artists, weirdos, business men, a place where we don’t care if you don’t care. Blox and Super blox Hostel is one of the best budget hostel in Varanasi.



Co-founder & CFO

Often sleeping when everyone is awake, and awake when everyone is sleeping, is a lover of sports, writes poetry, and a side of bass guitar. When not playing a friendly game of badminton with Blox neighbors, Karan can be seen indulging in philosophical conversations or listening music.



Co-founder & COO

Otherwise known as Titoo/T2 and Keji, is a tall guy with a soft spot for epic hollywood movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith (and, not-so-secretly Vin Diesel in the Fast & Furious series). As an avid sports lover and backpacker, Titoo will most likely be seen at any of the Blox Hostel locations watching an AIB youtube video, playing FIFA on the playstation, or talking about who would best play Robert Neville in an Indian adaptation of I Am Legend. Favorite Superhero: Wolverine!!!



creative & marketing director

A Brooklynite turned Varanasi-ite with a 25+ country travel count and love for all movies that sound nerdy (ex. Star Wars, Interstellar, Star Trek, Harry Potter). When she isn’t making spontaneous trips to far off lands, Sasha can be found at any of the Blox Hostel locations talking about food, eating food, or dreaming of food (no exaggeration, ask everyone). She also occasionally drops the food discussion in favor of one about American politics (yikes!). Favorite superhero: Professor X!